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A colleague of mine pointed out this fun little usability gaff on the WhiteHouse.gov Petitions website.  Apparently, in order to sign a petition on this website, you must first create an account.  Why you ask?  Well, they have an answer for you.  Just hover over “Why?” just above the Create an Account button.

WhiteHouse Gov Why

    Wow, that’s great.  Except, it doesn’t really explain why – just reiterates that you must create an account.  But maybe the Terms of Participation explains.  But as soon as I move my cursor – oops, the popup window disappears.  You can’t actually click on the links inside the popup!  Try it yourself here.

    Is this just a failure to test out the interface?  Or is it a cleverly disguised way to appear to provide information without actually doing so?  You decide…

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