Just try to click that link!

A colleague of mine pointed out this fun little usability gaff on the WhiteHouse.gov Petitions website.  Apparently, in order to sign a petition on this website, you must first create an account.  Why you ask?  Well, they have an answer for you.  Just hover over “Why?” just above the Create an Account button.

WhiteHouse Gov Why
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Wow! Use your mobile device when it’s 30 below!

It’s always fun when popular products spawn whole new categories of must have items.  This year we saw slim sleeves for the Mac Air, ever smaller purses designed specifically for tablets, and my personal favorite – gloves with contact pads for use with a touch device.

What a great idea!  My husband promptly bought me a pair for Christmas and I promptly donned them the next day to drive to the mall to return other, not so innovative gifts. Read more →

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